Longrich Healthcare Body Balance Solution

Healthcare Principles:

The opposite of raw foodism in daily life is cooked food. Why is raw foodism so good? Let’s take a look at the detriments of eating cooked food to the human body. The reason why we eat cooked food is usually that it tastes good, especially animal protein and fats, which people find delicious. But the problem is that cooking food severely damages the vitamins and other nutrients and enzymes, which are intimately related to the metabolism of the human body.

A lack of these vitamins and enzymes can cause several currently common adult diseases. Vitamins A, B, E especially have a strong anti-cancer effect. These vitamins are very sensitive to heat and will be substantially damaged if they are subjected to high temperatures.

If you eat this kind of cooked food for a long time, your normal metabolic processes will be disturbed, leading to all kinds of endocrine disorders and other symptoms, which will reduce your immunity and leave you inclined in suffering from various diseases. Eating cooked fat and animal protein will seriously damage liver function, and over time, it will not be able to function normally. Meanwhile, when toxic decomposed ammonia and uric acid get into the bloodstream, making the blood viscous, it cannot smoothly supply oxygen and other nutrients.

With the accumulation of chronic fatigue, moles, freckles, etc. will appear on the skin, and in serious cases, that may even lead to cancer, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, stroke, cerebral infarction, and other common adult diseases.

Directions and dosage:

Method of consumption and amount: 1 bag each time, 1-2 times a day, take 200ml cool purified water (30 ℃ or below, you can also use milk, soy milk, fruit juice), pour it into the special shake cup, add the drink powder, mix well and serve. According to personal taste, you may add honey, but please remember the order; first water than powder.

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