Longrich health food

Longrich brand 160 tablets Lippo snake powder capsule
specifications: 0.4 g * 160 Li
This product is a health food made from black-snake snake, python, snake whip (black-snake snake, python) as the main raw material. It has been proved by functional tests that it has the health care function of immune regulation and anti-fatigue.

Main raw materials

black snake, python, snake whip (black snake, python)

Effective ingredients 

black snake, python, snake whip

health function

immune regulation, anti-fatigue

Appropriate population

Immunity is low, fatigue-prone male

Unsuitable population

Children, women

Edible method and consumption

4 capsules per night, warm boiled water


0.4g / grain

shelf life

18 Month

Storage method

sealed, placed in a cool, dry and dark place


This product is not a substitute for drugs, can not be used for disease prevention, treatment

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