Longrich Celorich 4-6 Steps

4 Steps
It is a normal reaction that your skin may feel tense and burning after using Vitamin C Serum. Please keep it in the refrigerator after use.
  1. Vitamin C Serum provides essential nutrients for your skin;
  2. Vitamin–the secret to skin radiance;
  3. Goddess of Vanilla —Verbena peptide VITALAYER; highly nutritious;
5 Steps
Contains natural plant extracts & EGF condensed serum; revitalize and renew; skin feels supple, smooth and infused with vitality;
  1. Enriched with natural plant extracts and EGF condensed serum that is gentle on skin; able to provide adequate nutrients;
  2. Build up skin barrier; skin feels smooth, supple;
  3. Restore LONGEVICELL elasticity to your skin;
6 Steps
Contain natural moisturizing complex that provides adequate moisture for your skin all day long; Hydrate and nourish your skin from within;
  1. Contain highly condensed hyaluronidase; Provides effective hydration for your skin;
  2. Contain RRO-LIPISKIN SP(France patented No.FR0857905), repair and reinforce damaged skin barrier;
  3. Maintain skin moisture & soothe tensed skin;

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