Longrich Antiperspirant Dew

Longrich Antiperspirant Dew makes you feel fresh and confident
  1. Antiperspirant deodorant: containing an effective antiperspirant cooling factor can effectively reduce underarm sweat and eliminate sweat odor;
  2. Mild stimulation: PH value skin-friendly formula, gentle with no residue, quick-drying, non-sticky for all types of skin
  3. Relaxing Fragrance: fresh and elegant, floral and fruity, let you feel comfortable throughout the day, fragrant and full of self-confidence;
  4. Easy to use: compact, ball-type shape, just open the bottle, gently roll the bulk of the ball under the arm, and you can produce a cool and pleasant fragrance.


Open the cover and rub it to the surface of the axillary fossa.

Main ingredients:

Aloe vera – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

Glycerin – soothes and irritation

Allantoin – reduce armpit sweat secretions balance PH on healthy value

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