Pre-launch of Longrich $50m factory in Lekki


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This facility is expected to create 1000 jobs and increase the earnings of Nigeria’s foreign exchange. Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode , on Sunday attended the official launch of a $50 million manufacturing facility in the Lekki Free Zone, expressing confidence that the plant will contribute to create jobs and increase the country’s export earnings.

Longrich factory in Nigeria
Longrich factory in Nigeria

At the time of the launch of the factory owned by Longrich, which is a Chinese company Governor Ambode stated that the factory was another successful tale of government efforts by the State Government in attracting investment and also an excellent evidence of the strategic value that the Free Trade Zone plays for the economy of the State.

He stated that 25 businesses were currently setting up factories in the zone. He said it was indeed satisfying that the efforts to encourage investment have yielded positive results.

He claimed that one of the things that was most crucial for him is that regardless of whether he was within or not factories were popping up in the region, providing employment opportunities to citizens and increasing the economic capacity for the entire State.

As stated by the Governor “One among the most rewarding experiences in life is seeing the efforts of others yield positive results. I am extremely happy that I am here to watch the pre-launch ceremony of Longrich Nigeria Manufacturing Plant to be situated inside Lekki Free Zone. Lekki Free Zone in Lagos State, Nigeria.

“At the start of the current administration one of our primary priorities was to bring in investment into our State to provide jobs for our citizens and the wealth of our investors. This is one of those moments that make you feel the efforts of our administration have paid off.”

Governor Ambode praised the Longrich Group of Companies for the decision to locate the factory worth $50 million located in Lagos of all cities and nations in Africa and said Nigeria and the State are going to greatly benefit by the venture.

“I am informed that the Lekki Longrich installation, when it is its completion, will not just serve as the central point for distribution of the product into the African sub-region, but also provide jobs for approximately 1,000 additional workers in the state and enhance the earnings of the country’s foreign exchange by exporting manufactured products to other African countries.

If we take the record of success of Longrich located in China and its history, there is the certainty that Longrich Nigeria could be modelled on an international standard LONGLIQI Bio-Industrial Park located in China that encompasses more than 133 hectares . It also is the home of LONGLIQI Bio-Science Corp., Ltd,” Governor Ambode said.

In describing the company as a global company with a an array of top high-quality products and a unique company model of business, Governor applauded the fact that Longrich has created wealth for over 500,000 individuals who trade in more than 30 brands of the company with the majority traders living in the State.

Additionally, Governor Ambode affirmed that the State Government would continue to perform its role as business enablers, particularly by providing the infrastructure and the services needed to assist any business or investor that decide to move to Lagos the home of their dreams.

“Our administration has launched large and complex initiatives. We have introduced reforms to the public sector and policies to make it easier for businesses to operate in our state. The governmental institutions we have, like those of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Cooperatives, Office of Public Private Partnership and Office of Overseas Affairs and Investment (Lagos Global) are now more than ever leading the way in terms of creating an encouraging economic environment for foreign and local investors to flourish.

“These are but few signs to ensure you of our determination to secure not just the Longrich investment in the South-West quadrant of the Lekki Free Zone but to draw more investment to our state,” he said.

The Governor of the State, who described the Lekki Free Zone as the centerpiece of the State’s industrial development plan, said apart from the physical amenities that the facility includes a variety of incentives to boost business growth.

He said that, with the gas pipeline project in the zone close to completion, the power generation cost that account for a significant production costs, could soon be drastically reduced and he also reiterated the determination by State Government to State Government to sustain the business environment and safeguard any investments made within the State.

Prior to that, the Chairman of Longrich, Mr. Xu Zhiwei commended Governor Ambode for creating an enabling conditions for companies to prosper in the state, saying it was recorded that Governor Ambode’s efforts helped make the establishment of the factory that would start fully in Octoberof 2019.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Governor Ambode. He (Ambode) provided us with the favorable environment, he offered us his full support and embraced our hopes and believed in us.We are also able to feel safe and secure at Lagos State,” Zhiwei declared.

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