Network Marketing Basics


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What Is Multi Level Marketing(MLM)

Network Marketing is one of the most beneficial marketing strategies that use existing customers to promote products and services. It also called MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), Referral Marketing and Direct Selling. Whenever a Customer of the product/service do refer to their friends about the product and make him purchase its called Network Marketing.

For example, when you refer a movie to your friends and they see that movie, its called Referral. But you don’t have to get anything for that referral.

In Network Marketing every referral sales beneficial to the referrer. Companies pay customers when they referred to somebody. They use the existing customers as the non-salaried workforce. Network Marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that every company uses to promote its products without any marketing expenses.

Who is A Sponsor?

A Sponsor in Network Marketing Is one who refers to another person in the business.
The role of a sponsor is not to build a business for its team members. However,  a good sponsor will guide their team and show them how to duplicate a successful system. After that, it’s up to the team members to do the work.

Who is a Prospect

A Longrich Prospect is one who is not a member of longrich network marketing but is being convinced to join the platform.So if you are trying to convince someone to join Longrich Network Marketing, then that person is your Longrich Prospect.People can have a prospect in their quarters, on social networks such as facebook, whatsapp, IG, Twitter, etc. People can also have prospects even ina train or bus. People can have prospect anywhere. Even your parent or child could be your prospect

Who is an Up link

An Uplink In Network Marketing is the person who is above you in the Network.In most network marketing networks, people have multiple uplinks.These uplinks could be their referer and uplinks of their referrers

Who is a Down link

A downlink In Network Marketing is the person who is below you in the Network.In most network marketing networks, people have multiple downlinks.These downlinks could be the people they refer, the people placed under them and the downlinks of their downlinks

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