Everything you need to know about longrich stockists


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Who Is A Stockist?

A Stockist is a Person Who stocks and Sells a particular Product in His/Her Shop.A Stockist is could also be the person who keeps the stock on behalf of the company.

Who Is Longrich Stockist?

A Longrich Sokist is an individual who has registered with the Longrich Company And represents the Company Wherever He/She is Located.

A Longrich stockist is responsible for the registration of every new member.

Responsibilities of A Longrich Stockist

 Being a stockist comes with responsibilities that should be fulfilled, which will be explained below.

  1. As a stockist, you need to understand how the business works (a stockist is not for everyone because you have money to invest), you need to be ready to develop and grow the business in your region.
  2. As a stockist,  you must organize training as many times as possible and you must be able to train members in your area, whether directly under your control or not.
    You must be a coach yourself and you have 3 months after your registration to start training.
  3. As a stockist, you will have to organize large presentations in your city. The company pays the lobby and sends a support team to assist you, and you can also have free products to distribute to members or use spells to boost the team.

Benefits of Being A Longrich Stockist

  1. As a stockist,  you earn 6.5% on all PV  made in your stockist account. The more  PV  you earn, the higher the percentage of your bonus. so you earn more money.
  2. As a stockist,  you have the advantage of being served before other members, because the company understands that you also have the responsibility to serve the other members.
  3. As a stockist,  you participate in decision-making in your country and especially in your jurisdiction. 
  4. All stockists have shares with the company. You can buy from another stockist.

As a stockist in a particular city, any member who is their sponsor of the said city will be required to make all their purchases, registrations, upgrades and month maintenance through you. What does that mean? This means that you have a great responsibility towards them and also to have more money in your account to immediately validate the different operations of the members“.

Requirements To Become A Longrich Stockist

One Wants to become a Longrich stockist must meet the followingMust be a valid and active Longrich platinum VIP member.Must Be Atleast At DiamondHave a business premise with a minimum of 50 sq metersWilling to attend Stockist Training / Meeting on date and venue scheduled periodically by the CompanyAble to undеrѕtаnd, wrіtе аnd preferably communicate іn English.Required Documents

  1. stockist agreement
  2. a copy оf уоur passport
  3. 2 соріеѕ of уоur рісturе
  4. tenant аgrееmеnt оr сеrtіfісаtе оf tіtlе if уоu аrе thе оwnеr оf thе office
  5. оffісе’ѕ photograph(Interior and Extеrіоr vіеw)

Longrich Stockist FAQs

Does the PV of other members who buy from you add your personal PV?

No, Only the VPs of your team members come to you because they are below you.

If your team members buy from another reseller, will you get their PVs?

Yes, you’ll get them because the entries are put into the system in their

Is there an advantage to being a stockist in a city where there is no stockist?

Yes Being the first stockist in a city where there is none encourages other members to open there. Most people have the challenge of sending products to different cities, being the first custodian in a city to guarantee you winnings (you can actually earn a lot of money in such a short time).

do you have to be a stockist to do it in Longrich?

No, A stockist is a member first and if you do not grow your business, your chances of success will be reduced to the speed of movement of a turtle.

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