Longrich insentive conpensation


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longrich has 3 different incentives which are Platinum VIP Incentive,Star Director Worldwide Incentive and Diamond Worldwide Incentive

Platinum VIP Incentive

This Is the Incentive you get as a Platinium MemberAs platinum earn 1% of the worldwide share of all VIP which is based on the work you do per month and is worth $90/point.
you become a platinum member by Registering or upgrading to Platinum VIP (1680PV)

Star Director Worldwide Incentive

This is an incentive that you get As a Longrich star directorQualifying as a Star Director (Star Director 1-5) entitles you to an all-expense-paid luxury trip abroad in a 5* hotel, feeding, transportation, a brand new SUV (latest version for the year), 4 years Masters degree in Business & Innovation in USA, all-expense Scholarship for undergraduate study at Soochow University, China for yourself or a person you nominate and an opportunity to have a franchise with Longrich in their other business operations

Diamond Worldwide Incentive

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