Basic Longrich Terms you should know


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In This Post, We will will talk about some of the basic terms you should know as a longrich Member

What is PV in Longrich

PV in Longrich Stands For Products value.

This is the numeric value that Longrich attaches to all of its products.

SO anytime you purchase a product, Longrich adds the PV of that product to your accumulated PVs

Direct Selling Bonus

Direct selling bonus is a bonus that you get from direct selling with Longrich

So What is Direct Selling

Direct selling refers to selling products directly to the consumer(Customer) in a non-retail environment(Directly). Instead, sales occur at home, work, or other non-store location. This system often eliminates several of the middlemen involved in product distribution, such as the regional distribution center and wholesaler. Instead, products go from manufacturer to the direct sales company, to the distributor or rep, and to the consumer. 
Direct selling is usually associated with party-plan and/or network marketing companies; however, these aren’t the only types of companies that use direct selling. Many businesses that sell business-2-business (B2B), use direct selling to target and sell to their end customer. For example, many companies that sell advertising or office supplies will send their reps directly into the stores that can use their services. There are different types of direct selling

Types Of Direct Selling

Multilevel Marketing (MLM): Sales in multi-level marketing are made in a variety of ways, including single or party presentations, but also through online stores and catalogs. Income earned through MLM is commission on sales, and the sales made by other business partners the distributor recruits into the company.

Sometimes direct sales are called MLM or network marketing, however, these terms are not interchangeable. While MLM and network marketing are a form of direct sales, not all direct sales systems involve MLM. For example, in single-level marketing, the sales representative is only paid commission on the sales he or she personally makes. In this case, there is no recruitment of other sales team members or commissions earned from their sales.
Single-level direct sales: This type of sales is done one-on-one, such as through door-to-door or by doing in-person presentations. Sales can be done online or through catalogs, as well. Generally, income is earned on sales commissions, with possible bonuses.

Hostess or Party Plan: This type of sales is done in a group setting, usually involving the distributor or rep doing a presentation in her or in another person’s home or other location. In some cases, a company might sell to individuals in a business. For example, a real estate software sales representative might do a group sales presentation to a group of Realtors.

Development Bonus 

The Development Bonus is paid for the development of your teamDeveloping Bonus rewards you for developing your team.

  • You may be paid for more than one generation each week depending on the team’s development that week.
  • 10% flat weekly on the two highest PVs per level on the bonus legs
  • At any level, people under A, B or C are summed up as 1 leg and paid 10% of the sum of PVs in the two highest legs every week.

Note: You can only benefit from these bonuses When you  have at least 240 PVS so you must be above the Q-Silver Level

Leadership Bonus

Leadership bonus entitles you to receive a percentage of performance bonus up to 12 generations based on sponsor tree and ranking and It is paid to leaders Above D1 levels.Your earning are unlimited and can be very high depending on the progress of your team
You will receive a weekly payment of 15 % Leadership bonus on your 1st generation (10%) and 2nd generation (5%) for a Diamond 2 level ranking.To make sure that you always benefit from this bonus, you have to make sure purchase at least 30PVs every month.

Retail Order bonus

Also, know as REPEAT AND MAINTENANCE ORDER BONUSThis Particular bonus has four different bonuses.You can get them by Purchasing a repeat and maintenance order for 30PV and above within every cycleNote: Every Cycle means 4 weeks So what are the different bonuses?

  1. 15 Level Matrix Bonus:
    This bonus is based on your placement tree network.
    You earn $1.35 (4.5%) on every repeat/retail orders for 30PV and above done by all your success lines within your 15 levels in your placement tree. Apart from qualifying your Diamond 3s and above to earn their leadership bonus, the more the number of people in your team that do their 30PV, the greater your 15 levels matrix repeat order bonus.
    For example, if only 1000 of your team members each do only 30pv you will earn
    1000 * 1.35= $1350. You can convert Dolla to your currency to see how much you get
  2. Breakaway Retail Order Bonus:Based on your Sponsor tree Network
     You earn 21% to 45% on all personal retail orders you do, depending on the volume of the  orders and on repeat/retail orders above 30PV done by your team
  3. Horizontal S.D. Bonus:Based on your Sponsor tree Network
    You can qualify as a Super Director (S.D.) by reaching total group sales of 3500 PV (45%) and above and be paid 10% on all qualified (S.D.) accounts on your first level
  4. Vertical S.D. Bonus:Based on your Sponsor tree Network
    You can qualify as a Super Director (S.D.) and be paid an extra bonus up to 10% by developing your S.Ds into 3 S.D, 5 S.D, 7 S.D and 9 S.D within your sponsor network. Bonus payout from each S.D. will be paid out according to the bonus ratio assigned to each S.D status

Performance Bonus  is the Bonus that you get from your performance network in Longrich Network Marketing
Performance Bonus is the highest paying of all four bonuses. Here, your earnings depend on your entry-level. And this bonus ranges from 8 to 12 percent. The table below indicates how this bonus is calculated.

Entry LevelBonus
Platinum (VIP, Gold)12 %
Gold10 %
Silver8 %
Q-Silver8 Percent

So how does it Work

  • introduce and register only 3 people (designated A, B, and C) into the business
  • All the activities in each of these 3 legs (A, B and C) are summed up at the end of each week
  • You are paid from the 2 legs with the least PVs while the company takes the highest leg to run the system.

in the event that you accumulated the following PVs on each of the 3 legs weekly

  • Leg A- 3000 PV
  • Leg B- 1000 PV
  • Leg C- 2000 PV

Performance Bonus = PV on 2 smaller legs (2000 and 1000) multiplied by PB percentage i.e. Platinum VIP is 12%.
Performance Bonus for WEEK 1 = (1000+2000)*12 %if we simplify that we will have 3000 *12%  Note that 12% is 12/100So the bonuses will be calculated in Dollars and paid to in your currency. In this case, our bonus is  $360 So do that Conversion in your currency and you will see the magic.

What is a Longrich Seminar

A Longrich Seminar is a gathering Where Longrich Members, partners, and prospects get motivated, energized and get ready to go back to work applying new techniques Learned.

Longrich Seminars are great for learning about Longrich because at seminars, Longrich Seminars The Speakers talk about Longrich, the products and Longrich Network Marketing. Listeners get to learn about the health benefits of Longrich products, they also get to learn about the Longrich Bioscience Company and Longrich Network marketing  

Many People attain Longrich Seminars in order to learn new approaches to their network marketing strategy because people get to share stories of their success and failures in Longrich network marketing, the strategies they use and how they aim to improve

You might wonder why people will share their strategies which they could use to grow? Well, it’s easy. In the Longrich system, you. cant grow alone. you must grow with a team.

What is a Placement Network in Longrich

In Longrich network marketing, your placement network is the network of people that have been placed under you either by you or by your uplinks.

Placements in Longrich Are done using the Placement code

What Is An Upgrade Order?

An upgrade order is the first(registration orders) purchase that registers a new member and the subsequent purchases that UPGRADES a partner to higher levels thus increasing his earnings capacity/power. You stop buying Upgrade orders once you achieve VIP status.
You do not earn any bonus on your own personal UPGRADE PVS, but you earn on your team/group upgrade PVS.

What Is Repeat Order

Repeat orders are purchases made from our repeat account in the back office.
Every Week 5% deductions called repeat amounts (up to a maximum of $300 per cycle) from our weekly bonuses are credited to a repeat account. These repeat amounts are accumulated in a repeat account under ACCOUNT TRANSACTION RECORD under FINANCE MANAGEMENT in the back office.

The deductions are intentional, it’s a strategy the company employed to get distributors to use its products instead of other brands. The order/purchases you buy with these funds saved in the back office for you is called REPEAT ORDER

Repeat orders are supposed to be made by distributors themselves using the code of the stockist you want to pick the products from. The repeat order can be made from your phone or laptop, you only visit the stockist office you placed the order with their code to pick the products
Longrich expects us to use the money accumulated as you earn weekly in our repeat account to buy our 30pv Every cycle.

*Do you know that we are paid a bonus on the repeat orders we make?*
The bonus is called repeat order bonus, accumulated and PAID monthly.

What is A Retail Order

A Retail Order is a purchase order you make when you do not have money or enough money in your repeat account.
Payments are made into Longrich bank accounts for confirmation of these orders.
Your personal and team retail orders are accumulated every cycle, and paid as *RETAIL ORDER BONUS*
Partners that do not have enough money in the back office for repeat order, usually pay in money to LR account to do retail order.
You earn repeat and retail order bonuses when you and/or your down lines do repeat and retail orders.

What Is An Upgrade Window in Longrich.

An upgrade Window is a period that is usually open to allow members to upgrade to higher levels in Longrich.

Say for example you are currently at Q silver Level and an upgrade window opens, you then have the chance to upgrade to Maybe Silver Or a higher Level

This Thus means that members are not allowed to upgrade their accounts at random. And if an upgrade window passes without you upgrading, you will have to wait till the next one

So how then do you Upgrade?

To upgrade, you simply have to buy Longrich products Worth the amount you wish to upgrade to

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