Meet Emmanuella C. Eduru A Longrich Star 2 Director


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Emmanuella Eduru is A Star Director With Longrich Bioscience international. In 2015, she was a School teacher Going through all the frustrations of a salary earner.

She Made N25,000 as salary Wich saw multiple cuts such as a pension, which was N1,000, tax, and each time she was late, she had to pay a fine of N500.

In 2015, she came across this Company called Longrich Bioscience international. Her attraction to this Company was the innovative products this Company had, especially the toothpaste and sanitary Napkin.

She decided to take on this journey of using and marketing the products of this Company. Throughout, she has received rejection and insults from hundred of people, but she never stopped pursuing what she saw ahead, though she felt like giving up many times.

Over The Years, she has gained a lot from longrich, ranging from International trips, car awards, a house award, and a scholarship to study in China.

Today, she is a star director two with this Company, which entitles her to many more benefits. And the journey doesn’t end here as she plans to hit Star Director 5.


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