Meet Mrs. Oluchi Mfon Abraham, Africa’s Second 5 star director


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Mrs. Oluchi Mfon Abraham is an astute Entrepreneur, intelligent investor, a world-class Network Marketing Professional, Coach, and a ruthless international Team Builder.

Meet Mrs. Oluchi Mfon Abraham, Africa's Second 5 star director

She is the President and co-founder of THE GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURS (GE). The GE is a fast-growing organization of men and women from diverse backgrounds, professions, and continents. They have a common goal of providing a better life and future for themselves and others in partnership with LONGRICH BIOSCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, a Chinese research, manufacturing, marketing company whose vision is to create a better lifestyle and future for people around the world.

She majored in accounting, had 14years of work experience in the top 3 Banking institutions in Nigeria (auditing and marketing), attended so many leadership, ICT training within and outside Nigeria, obtained BSC and MBA degrees.

Six years ago, when the LONGRICH opportunity was presented to her, she had just lost her bank job as a manager unexpectedly. Her main income line and family were completely dried off.

She visited a friend to cool off the pressures of unpaid debts and increasing family responsibilities. While in her friend’s house, she learned about some Chinese company that manufactures sanitary napkins, personal care products, and other daily consumables.

Mrs. Oluchi had just been frustrated by another network marketing company, so she begged her friend to save her energy. But was later amazed when she learned that this new company paid weekly bonuses to its consumers. 

The idea of earning weekly income made some sense to her as against her once monthly salary background. However, it took her about seven months to go through the materials sent to her through email and preliminary online research about the company before she finally signed on.

It wasn’t easy at the beginning, she faced lots of rejection, but with Determination and focus, she kept pushing. 

She was committed to achieving her dreams against all odds, and she realized that Longrich was the perfect vehicle she could use to fulfill her dream lifestyle! 

Her husband, who was vehemently against the business, initially became convinced when he started seeing encouraging weekly alerts. 2-3 years after they built their dream home with weekly earnings wholly from LONGRICH!

They have secured multiple Scholarships awards FROM Longrich, which the family has used to bless other young stars in the extended family.

The entire family (mother, father, and children) earns weekly income in 7 figures from Longrich. Uncountable free international vacations from this same company and cars. 

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