6 common mistakes new network marketers make and how you can avoid them


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Here are a few common mistakes new network marketers make and how you can avoid them to become a network marketing superstar.

Mistakes Network Marketer make


The one thing successful network marketers have in common is that they love their products or services. They use them every day. They’d buy them even if they didn’t get paid to sell them. Your success in network marketing will be due in large part to your ability to share your enthusiasm and knowledge of your products. Too many people who join for the money don’t care about the product, which is very wrong! Remember we are in the health and wellness industry and so you can’t fulfill the company’s “mission” by assuming and ignoring the health Part of it. Its core, and so is the product.


If you were to start a business from scratch, you might let your friends and family know what you’re doing, but if you’re a smart business person, you’re going to identify your target market and pitch them. In network marketing, recruiting your friends and family is okay, but you need to quickly adapt to dealing with people you don’t know or you’ve never met before. For successful networkers, the majority of their business is from people they didn’t know when they started. Further, many of the friends and family didn’t join until they saw the network marketer’s success. Make Your Dream Business a Reality Instead of worrying about the list of 100 or striking up a conversation for the purpose of selling to the guy standing behind you in the grocery checkout, I suggest you determine who wants what you’ve got and market to them. It’s easier, less time-consuming, and less likely to alienate friends and family.


First, let’s define who you follow up with. I’m not talking about continuously contacting friends and family who’ve told you they’re not interested. Follow up is done with people who have expressed interest in your product/service or business. Many miss opportunities to grow their business by not following up on legitimate prospects. While you don’t want to hassle people, most prospects aren’t going to sign up on the first call. Sometimes the timing isn’t right. Or maybe they need to think about it or do their research. Have a system for following up with prospects. For example, after the presentation, if the person isn’t ready, make an appointment to call back in a few days. If they’re not interested, ask if you can add them to a group where you can keep them posted. However, if people are adamant that they aren’t interested, let it go. They may come around once they see your success or maybe they never will. But you don’t want to hurt your relationships by constantly trying to recruit people who aren’t interested.

Choosing hype over common sense.

There are many network marketers who seem to be over the top in their portrayal of their business. Their enthusiasm is infectious and makes it appear simple. “Just find six people and assist them achieve six and you’ll be financially secure!” How hard can you make it to recruit six people? Actually, it’s more difficult than you imagine. In addition there is no need for money to be the main reason to select the right business. Particularly, the notion of making simple money. Yes, you’d like to earn money, but your business choice shouldn’t be solely based on money.

Doing not target the right people.

This is the one place where network marketing firms make the reps of their representatives wrong. The majority of businesses come across suggest that newbies create lists of the 100 people they have in their circle, and then pitch their product or business. Then they recommend contacting every person who is within 3 inches of your. The issue with this approach is that it could cause frustration and time quicker than doing conventional business-building tasks. It’s not always easy to identify a potential customer. If you were to begin an enterprise from scratch, you could inform your family and friends know what you’re up to however, if you’re a business professional you’ll be able to pinpoint the market you want to target and then pitch them.

Reinventing the wheel.

Go through your marketing plan for your business and then talk to the most effective representatives in your upline, and follow what they suggest can work. One advantage to network marketing is the process has already been established. All you have to do is follow the guidelines.

Are You Making These Deadly Mistakes?

if you think you are making this mistakes, then you should consider the follwoing:

  • Review Your Contact List and think about the ways you can approach your prospects differently.
  • If you follow these basic principles , you’ll be able to be able to achieve your MLM goal faster and more easily.
  • Comment or forward this article with any other distributors who require assistance to grow your MLM business.

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