The chairman of Longrich: Xu Zhiwei


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The chairman of Longrich(Jiangsu Longliqi Bioscience Co. Ltd), Mr. Xu, Zhiwei (俆之伟) is a philanthropist and life transformer who God used to give meaning to the lives of ordinary people, turning them into world-class entrepreneurs who earns 7 figure weekly alerts on a platform that guarantees Time, Health & Financial Freedom.

The chairman of Longrich: Xu Zhiwei

Everyone dreams of success, but only a few eventually realize their dreams because most of them cannot find a good platform suitable for their career. Longrich provides a platform for all who have longed for success and never stopped pursuing their dreams

Mr. Xu, Zhiwei (俆之伟)

He is one of the Most Influential Men in China’s Cosmetic Industry. He is an MBA, a Senior Economist, the President of China Detergents Industry Association, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congressman, Annual China Top 10 Philanthropists 2016 by CCTV. Over the past 30 years, Longrich has grown steadily (annual rate of over 40% ) into a leading Chinese conglomerate in the health and beauty industry under Xu Zhiwei’s leadership.

In our company, we believe in the fact that quality life brings a better future. For us, that business philosophy is based on combining Innovation and Scientific Research so to propose better life conditions to all the people around the world.We are a stable and growing company.

For years we have complied with the full will to comply with social and business ethics with honesty, openness, and faithfulness, so to help the society fight against diseases, improve and share better life conditions with all. Our commitment to our shareholders, customers, employees, and other stakeholders is to effectively fulfill our responsibilities, obligations, and achieve together a sustainable development.

The Longrich company

The company was established around 1986, through Xu Zhiwei (Xu Zhi Wei ) and was able to offer a range of snake-based products for consumers in China as well as other nations. After achieving substantial growth, the company ventured into manufacturing cosmetics. In the past few years, Longrich has been very influential in the Chinese cosmetics sector. Longrich was an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) as well as an ODM (original designer manufacturer) for a number of established multinational brands.

 Longrich studies, develops and manufactures a range of products via its corporate divisions throughout the globe , as well as its primary manufacturing plant in the Bio-Industrial park in the Jiangsu province in China. This Industrial Park covers an area that is more than 2 000 meters (about 500 acres).

 Longrich’s research and development facilities have been established in US, Japan, France as well as other areas of the globe.

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