Meet Solomon Okyere, from cupcake hawker to Longrich Millionaire


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Mr. Solomon Okyere, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Carlsberry Empire, and a shareholder in Longrich Bio-Science.

Solomon Okyere

Solomon was a long rich member in his early 20’s, when the family could not eat enough. The young , hard-working man saved his money and put it into the Longrich business after hearing about the company. With perseverance, he’s achieved an improved life for himself.

“My father passed away at the age of six. That meant I lived with my mother in a single room in a filthy jungle as we could not afford a home in the city.

My mom made cupcakes to sell to consume food and meet our necessities. I was for 22 years, hawking until my death I was tired and embarrassed to hawk, but I didn’t have an option. “

One day , as I headed home from selling for the day I saw an Longrich seminar advertisement on the street. However those who were going to and from it were wealthy and middle-class and I was a bit upset in my soul, because a Mind told me that the Seminar is for the wealthy and NOT FOR a LOW HAWKER Like me.


because you’re aware that the difference between wealth and poverty is in your heart , and it is based on the type of person you are accepting.

I returned home, changed my clothes and returned to the site of the lengthy and rich seminar.

After hearing the testimonials and possibilities of the joining process and becoming the Longrich Distributor, I made the decision to join, however I do not have enough money to join.

When I came back home, I could not get to sleep, so I ate all the money we had saved from the hawking industry around 60.000 cedis, and didn’t tell my mother.

I visited the Longrich office and purchased a few items and became a member of the company. After my code was handed to me. I began selling longrich toothpaste, soap Cream, and other. One of the benefits of Longrich Products is that people are always looking to purchase it again since it is proven and has a track record of success.

Longrich as a product hawked in the streets and on buses, people were purchasing and joining the business and I began to go to the top ….

One day, a man came in and asked to join our business. I took him over to the the longrich office, and he recognized the potential in this business , so he joined and invited many of his friends and family members to join in the business”

Solomon Okyere

A poor man, Solomon Never thought he could ever go to an airport, much less of boarding an airplane. However, after beginning his business in the year 2016 HE was allowed to travel to Dubai which he stayed in a five-star hotel in 2017. He also travelled to China and stayed at the 5-star hotel. The entire cost was paid by Longrich.

In only two years He qualified for three cars and has been earning decent income every week

To Solomon It was amazing that a seller like him could reach that pivotal point.

“Longrich has transformed my life and you too can achieve it too, just keep your mind open, believe and TRUST GOD!”

Solomon Okyere

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