Chabe Kgalalelo builds an Ultramodern House After 2 Years In Longrich


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Change just made news in 2019 by fulfilling her long time dream she had for her mom. She Constructed a very beautiful house for her mom made up 7 Bedrooms, 3 Ensuites, 2 Living rooms, Dining area, Pyjama Lounge. Prayer room, 3 Bathrooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Play Area and double garage all from her Longrich earnings.

At that time, she was a four-star director with Longrich International, A level Which took her two years of hard work and massive activities to attain.

At the time, here is what she said

Today I finally put to rest my biggest project of 2019. “A dream home for my parents” A token of appreciation to say Thank you to them for I am because they are.

In 2017 I gave them a pen and paper and they sat down with an Architect to design their dreams. I said to them “tell him everything you want in a house and how”… and the Architect put their dreams together and this is what came out. A MULTI-MILLION HOME.

A poor little girl from the dusty streets of Taung, who grew up with nothing but a dream to become. Seeing my parents smiling like these

makes me soo happy, I am overwhelmed, I am humbled, The Grace of the Lord breaks all protocol when it comes to His children. It was quite a steep and deep project, But today I am done. Received all paperwork of the project, electrical certificates, warranties, deeds, Insurance, and everything. My Parents Dreams are now a Reality.

Dear Black Child, Yes Black Tax is real and its really tough but Hard work pays. If you Commit, Sacrifice and l Persist.. you will get there one day. Focus on your journey and stop entertaining anything that does not grow you. It is not easy, but when you reach the goal and look is all worth it. Network Marketing works. Given a chance, I will re-choose it as a career all over again

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