Meet Sandry’n Nchotu Longrich Cameroon’s Second 1 Star Director


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On The 30th November 2019, Longrich Cameroon Celebrated It’s Second Star Director Sandry’n Nchotu. An award That Came With a CFA90,000,000frs House Fund, CFA44,000,000frs Car Fund And MBA Scholarship In USA.

Sandry’n who currently Has A Network Of over 30,000 Longrichers Joined Longrirch In November Of 2015 When she could barely Feed. She is one of those who choose not to study Longrich for a Master’s Degree that will never come. She Made up her mind to joined this business platform just from a few posts that she read on facebook.

The Choice she Made Back in 2015 is the choice that actually changed her life. She now Earns

Many at Times We Hear that there is something hidden behind a successful store. The hidden something in Sandry’n’s Story is her Mentor Mme  Jane Yuyun Taba  A woman She happily Calls Mother  A woman Who Guided Her through the process, gave her advice and help during her hard times and also was with her through the good ones making sure she was always doing it right. Sandry’n Praised her in one of her Facebook Post Saying

A mother isn’t just the woman who gave birth to you
A mother is also that woman who sees your weakness, sees you in dark times and holds you tight,
The highest grip I’ve ever had, my favorite prayer warrior
She would send me food like she heard hunger would plague Yde,
She will not sleep each time I board a plane till I land, no matter how many hours the flight lasts.
She has been there for me through thick and thin
She would say” sandy it’s okay, go do what you have to do, I will handle this.
Ahhh, if I could bring down a mountain for you, I would do.
We have fought our fights and cried tears of joy and bitterness but above all, we learned to love each other unconditionally.
Mama SD Jane Taba, I celebrate the brave woman you are today, our long rich Cameroon mother, you too much mama.
On behalf of our entire team, I want to thank you for your endless love and support, for your constant motivation and beautiful heart.
You made my SD1 happen and I give it back to you when I count my blessings… I count you triple, thank you, mama, for all you do for us, 2020 is around the corner, i speak Blessings into your life, i speak open doors into your life, I speak success into your life.
You’re our one and amazing momma, we love you scatter.
You cannot see the mother without her daughter

Sandry’n’s Success has made many to Admire Here in her Country Cameroon And the World at Large. while Many Admire her, Many Have Turn To be her Analyst at technical adviser with some criticizing her choice of using all the money for her car fund to purchase a car. She Responded in One Of her Facebook posts asking 

did I tell you I have money problems

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