Meet Titi Olubisi, the First Black 5 Star Director in Longrich


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Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa is a seasoned business woman with an eye for good business. She has more than 20 years of experience in the network marketing industry, which has seen her work with various Network Marketing businesses. Titilope EJIMAGWA earned her degree at Lagos State University in nigeria at the beginning of the 1990s.

Titilope Olubisi Ejimagw

Ejimagwa has become a significant piece of the Longrich Hierarchy as the first “Black” five-star director.

In addition to generating an additional amount of wealth for her, she also contributed to putting Longrich in the forefront of Multilevel Marketing in Africa and in the international market.

Network marketing, also known as multilevel marketing, helps others expand. It’s about taking advantage of the networks of others and increasing the number of customers one can serve through other people. I’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years.

“I think the first thing I would consider was my health. I was looking for good health with the supplements and, later decent money. The marriage I had was for a long period and needed to wait for quite a while before getting my very first baby. Certain friends suggested indigenous methods; however I did not think it was wise to ask individuals for help using the traditional methods. Then I heard that you could create a child healthy and godly without traditional methods by taking certain supplements. This brought me to the business. In addition, I had an illness called Graves Disease, which is uncommon in this region of the country. I also required me to wait most times for the medication to arrive from outside the country”.

She went on to declare:

“Fortunately I have been able to gain some help for my health through some of the supplements I’ve taken part in. It also has assisted in keeping me young. Prior to becoming a member of Longrich Nigeria, I had been employed by several companies. I began with Noni which was where I joined FLP then later transferred towards Tianshi in 2001 before leaving in 2004. I was also employed by JEL where I earned huge earnings, then I joined Greenworld which was no two in Africa and, now I am working with Longrich the No. 1 company in Africa as well as the International Market except China”

Titi Olubisi

My experience with Longrich is wonderful. When you look at the global economy, the largest businesspeople who have made massive profits are MLM business owners.

Titi Olubisi

It’s unfortunate that the majority of people do not even think about it. Certain people are quiet but earn huge income from their businesses, some earn around $8 million per month. in Longrich the average is as much as N100 million weekly. There isn’t any type of business that will yield the same amount.

Therefore, people can earn great money, particularly if you choose the right ones since there are a lot of them that aren’t making a profit for its clients.

On such platforms there are pyramids, and only those who joined first earn cash. But, if you join the right one , like Longrich, the most important thing is the speed you have and not only the date you signed up.

What is longrich?

Longrich is a multilevel marketing firm and is the No. 30 worldwide among Direct Selling companies. It is only 33 years old prior to this, they were among the most renowned manufacturing firms in China.

They’re the top HTML0 manufacturer in Africa and have a partnership with firms like GSK as well several others. Longrich produces for these companies.

Longrich is involved in construction as well as Real Estate, Entertainment Tourism, and many other things. I’ve been to the company’s headquarters in China many times and have had meetings with the Chairman. It is among the few companies with an MLM license MLM from the countries they host. They obtained an MLM license in 2004. MLM in 2004 and moved into Nigeria following that. As of the moment, they’re operating in around 178 countries across the world.

It is also recommended that we do some research about the company prior to joining. Nigerians aren’t so blind. We’re 7 years old living in Nigeria and have accomplished a lot in the past. The company will be sending Distributors for Europe this year. Some of us traveled to the US this year to enjoy an all-expenses-paid vacation.

We go on every year trips to China and other countries. The company makes a promise and keep it. With Longrich, you become an owner of the company, where members receive a share in the monthly global sales. It’s huge and is the future of business.

I am often asked about my problems, and firstly, the difficulty of finding the best platform could take time, effort , and even money. Therefore, we must first think about what exactly we doing? Does it make sense? Can the company provide me with food? Does it fulfill its promises? It is important to look at these prior to signing up. In addition, you must take a look at the items and services, are they what customers are using on a daily basis? Then , the company itself, are people able to invest in the company? Are you able to be sure of what they claim? Are you trading with your money or using their money? since some companies deal with money from people. In the event that you’re an obnoxious person in the MLM business, you could not succeed because lots of individuals use the free speech in order to harm other people. The majority of times, people discuss irrelevant issues which is called gossip. It is applicable to everyone all over the world.

Titilope Olubisi Ejimagwa and her First Son

Instead of blaming others and slandering them, we need to work together . The more you build that bridge is the better for you. I do not view all these challenges as opportunities. To be successful in this field, they must be educated.

When you join Longrich Be sure of the things you’d like to do and be sure to ask questions. It is essential to keep an optimistic mindset and be determined to succeed.

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