4 Reasons to Stop Making Excuses


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Excuses keep you going down the same old path, preventing you from growing or branching out. Here are 4 reasons why it is important to stop making excuses

Why Should i Stop Making Escuses?

#1. Excuses lead to a failure in reaching your full potential

When you make excuses, you aren’t even giving yourself a shot to succeed, which can limit you in every area of your life. You may never even know what you’re capable of if you have an excuse for everything that comes your way. Excuses can hold you back from a lot of things, including getting further in your career, getting healthier, and creating new relationships.
Don’t settle for less by making an excuse simply because you don’t want to have to put forth the effort to challenge yourself. This is complacency. If you make excuses to not move up in life, you will stay in a mediocre position that keeps your content at best.

#2. Excuses prevent growth

The laziness that is leading you to not challenge yourself can also prevent you from growing or changing. Your excuses help you live with the failed expectations that you already had for yourself.
So if you never expected yourself to grow in the first place, you certainly won’t grow if you keep adding excuses to the mix.

#3. Excuses will make you regret “the road not taken”

If you make an excuse to not do something, there is a big chance that you will end up regretting doing so. You don’t want to look back on your life with a lot of feelings of “I wish…” If you try something instead of making up an excuse to avoid it, there is a big chance that you will be glad you tried. If you sit back and do nothing, there is an equally big chance that you will regret not knowing how it would have turned out.

#4. Excuses will teach your children the same bad habit

You want your children to be successful and confident in their endeavors. You don’t want them to live a life of excuses and settle for mediocrity.
You want to teach your children to pursue everything they want to do, even if they have some reservations or a fear of failing.

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