Excuses People Make For not Joining Multilevel Marketing(MLM)


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When we hear about MLM, many people come up with different kinds of excuses for why they do not want to join you in it.

In this article, we will discuss dispel some of those doubts and excuses people make all the time.

14 Excuses People give for not joining Multi-level Marketing(MLM) 

#1. I don’t have time/ I am busy

Everyone has a right to use their time the way they want. In my opinion, wouldn’t it be smarter to solve your busy schedule by finding a way you can earn more with less time? You have the option of continuing the rat race in a job you probably hate in order to make a living or do this business part-time and/or combine with other businesses in your portfolio of entrepreneurship.

#2. I don’t do MLMs, I’m not interested

You have a right to make any choice out of your free will. However, this choice is without a valid excuse nor clarity. What specifically are you not interested in?

 #3. I don’t have money/ I can’t afford it/ products are expensive

You cannot afford to make money? If you could put some amount of money into this business, what would you say your health is worth? Worst case scenario, you can sign up with the minimum amount you have and gradually upgrade your membership level and invest as your income grows From another perspective: Isn’t it logical for high-quality products to cost more than their ordinary counterparts? This is even more necessary when the company doesn’t pay for advertising, wholesaling or retailing and you are the one being paid instead as the middle man or distributor

#4. Let me think about it

What do you need to know if this is the right opportunity for you? The best way for you to know is to seek more knowledge and give it a try. If you are guided on how to test drive this business with minimal risk. How about that?

#5. Let me seek permission from my wife or husband

Great! Even better, because the positive multiplier effect of this business will benefit you both rather than just you alone! It is always a good idea to tell your partner your plans, but your partner should not be the one stopping you from success

#6. MLMs are scams

Don’t make generalized statements. The fact that you have been scammed by a fraudster posing as a genuine distributor; a fraudulent company posing as a genuine MLM company or an unreliable “MLM” company that ran out of business quickly doesn’t mean all MLM companies are all the same. There are good MLM companies. If you knew that this profession is validated by most respected businessmen in the world, wouldn’t you like to know a bit more?

#7. I don’t have the skills to convince people

It’s not compulsory for you to have skills to start the business. You can make do with whatever you have (people, ideas or resources) and develop yourself in the course of the business by yourself or through physical and virtual meetups/training with your team. I would rather not use the “convince”. Instead, we offer people life-changing opportunities and let them decide for themselves

#8. I don’t know how to sell

Selling is not compulsory to excel in this business. You also don’t have to be a pushy salesperson especially if the products or services are of high quality. Bonus Fact: In Longrich, we don’t hawk products or force people to buy because the products sell themselves already due to the multifarious positive effects on users and real-life testimonies to validate this phenomenon

#9. I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work

It is most likely the case that you either chose the wrong company, products or lacked proper information, support and tools need to succeed at the time. How about using this new opportunity to try again, get proper training, learn from your mistakes and succeed to tell the story?

 #10. Networking is not my area of strength

Anybody can do networking, you don’t have to be a professional before you start seeing the results of your efforts

#11. MLMs are pyramid schemes 

The shape of any organization does not determine illegality. If it were true, most businesses, organizations including government would be illegal because they all have pyramid structures

#12. People are only in it for themselves

Network marketing doesn’t reward people for using others. Success in network marketing comes in helping others reach their goals. A selfish attitude will not take you far. If you are genuine in your effort to help others, then you will succeed in this business. Another misunderstanding is that it is not about customers like in traditional businesses. It is just about me trying to get you onboard so that I can make money from you, right? Let’s take a closer look

When you go to a restaurant to order food; What are they doing?

When you go to a salon to do your hair; What is the barber/hairdresser doing?

When you pay for mobile service or Cable subscription; What are the service providers or operators doing?

When you go to any shop or supermarket to buy anything: What is the business trying to do?All these people are simply trying to make money
This is the same for all businesses. We buy things we need because it solves a problem or meets ours needs to make us better afterward. If someone offers you a product or service that makes your life better. Would that be a problem? The problem is if the sales representative was just trying to make money from you without thinking about you right? So the problem isn’t MLM but the sales

#13. Only the people at the top make a lot of money

It’s a myth that only the people who started the business early make a lot of money. In many MLM companies, members can make any amount regardless of which level or generation they are in the organization. Income is related to effort, not position. No matter when you join or where you are in the organization, you have an equal chance as anyone else to succeed if you do the work. Many successful leaders today were not in the topmost level or highest generation of the network so overtaking is very much allowed especially in Longrich’s compensation plan. There are a lot of testimonies out there from people who joined just months ago.

#14. Eventually, the program will get saturated

 Saturation is impossible because there isn’t a finite number of people. Every day, babies are born or new people who turn 18, thereby adding new potential network marketers to the pool of prospects

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