Chairman Xu paid a visit to Longrich Nigerian branch

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On 4th Apr 2019, Chairman Xu paid a visit to Longrich Nigerian branch office. At 18:00 local time, Chairman Xu arrived and had a short meeting with Nigerian distributors. At 19:00, a meeting with Nigerian staff was held. Chairman Xu, Mr. Dakun Li, Mr. Alex Jia, and 7 Longrich Chinese staff attended the meeting.
Alex Jia, the GM of Longrich African market made a report of the development of 25 African markets. Alex indicates that the African market has been maintaining robust growth. Longrich smart factory is under construction; Longrich will further improve its supply chain and conduct OEM business by utilizing the smart factory to serve the whole African market.

In addition, 7 Chinese staff also reported their job duties indicating that Longrich has great prospect in Nigeria and they will work hard to further develop the market. Mr. Dakun Li speaks highly of the achievements of Longrich Nigeria and feels confident about the prospect of the Nigerian market. He also reminds that the competition is still fierce and full of changes, which our staff shall pay attention to.

The meeting does not end until 21:00, in order to congratulate Nigerian office on their achievements; Chairman Xu proposes to have a recognition and celebration party, with the leadership of Alex Jia, great achievements have been acquired and the Nigerian market has been growing from youth to maturity. All staff shall work on five projects, deep research shall be conducted on each project and develop in an innovative way. In addition, Chairman also stresses that a company shall be people-oriented to ensure each staff has his/her talent utilized.

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