Xu Zhiwei Chairman of Longrich was invited to attend the 2019 Wuxi International Biomedical Forum

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On November 5th, the opening ceremony of the 2019 Wuxi International Biomedical Forum and the 9th Cell Death & Disease New Drug Research and Development International Symposium was held in Wuxi. Xu Zhiwei, Chairman of Longrich, was invited to attend this forum.

This academic conference is based on Wuxi Huatai Innovative Medicine Research Institute as an international scientific and technological cooperation and academic exchange platform. It invites the world’s top scientists and pioneers in the field of biomedicine, with the most international influence, to focus on tumor cell immunity and small molecule targeting. Drugs, monoclonal antibody drugs, sell drugs and cell therapy research and development, theory and practice, technology and strategy, etc. to conduct academic exchanges to help China’s biomedical research and development innovation and industrial development.

For more than 34 years, Longli has been relying on the health industry to provide a healthy and beautiful lifestyle for families around the world. Chairman Xu Zhiwei said that Longrich began researching stem cell technology ten years ago. At present, Longrich has established ten research and development institutions around the world. In the future, Longrich will use cordyceps, fungi, snakes and stem cells as its core materials to continuously develop world-leading products with health, beauty and packaging vision.

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