Xu Zhiwei Chairman of Longliqi and his party visited the second session of the Exp

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On November 9, Xu Zhiwei, Chairman of Longrich, Lu Xiaoyu, General Manager of Longrich Supply Chain System, and Wu Shaowei, Executive Vice President of Juhao Mall, went to Shanghai to inspect the 2nd China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Incoming Expo”).

Chairman Xu Zhiwei and his entourage visited a number of well-known international brands in the fields of cosmeceuticals, nutritious foods, skincare products, perfumes, etc., and conducted in-depth exchanges with relevant responsible persons.

As a research, development and production base for daily chemical products and health care products with leading scale and technical strength in China, Longrich has five intelligent factories and ten research and development institutions in the world, relying on a strong supply chain system and leading R&D capabilities. It has attracted more than 100 international and domestic first-line and second-line brands to cooperate with OEM processing. At present, Longrich is upgrading to build an industrial Internet platform, striving to form a comprehensive industrial platform with international leading industrial Internet (large supply chain) in China’s daily chemical industry.

All brands have fully affirmed Longrich’s production and R&D capabilities and said that it will cooperate with Longrich in sales and production.

For the visit to the Expo, Chairman Xu Zhiwei said that Longrich has visited the Expo for two consecutive years. Through on-site exchanges with a number of international brands, Longrich will further strengthen cooperation with international brands.

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