Burkina Faso Youth Diplomat Seminar Visit Longrich

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On November 13th, a group of 21 young people from Burkina Faso organized by the Beijing International Chinese Language Training Institute visited Longrich. Long Liqi, vice president of Longrich, accompanied the reception.

longriich Burkina Faso

It is reported that China and Burkina Faso resumed diplomatic relations on May 26, 2018. The cooperation between the two countries has been fruitful in the past year. The Burkina Faso Youth Diplomat Training Course is a national foreign aid training program entrusted by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. It aims to help developing country officials understand China and learn more through training and inspection. China’s experience has created a big diplomatic environment conducive to China.

The delegation visited the Longrich intelligent new factory, R&D center, and e-commerce delivery area, and highly praised Longrich’s advanced production technology, high-level research and development level, and beautiful environment, which gave the quality of Longrich products. Highly recognized, it fully affirmed the achievements of Longrich in industrial intelligent manufacturing.

At the symposium, Long Liqi, vice president of Longrich, introduced the development of Longrich’s African market to the delegation. In 2011, Longrich set up a branch in Cameroon as the first stop to open up the African market. With excellent product quality and a good market reputation, Longrich quickly won the African market. In 2012, Longrich established a Nigerian branch to further develop the African market. In 2013, Longrich established a South African branch to accelerate the expansion of the African market. In 2017, Longrich signed a contract with Nigeria’s Lekki Free Trade Zone to build the first personal intelligent factory along the “Belt and Road”. In 2018, Longrich signed a cooperation agreement with the super-agents of Burkina Faso. As of now, Longrich has traveled to more than 40 countries in Africa.  It is reported that 21 people from the Burkina Faso Youth Diplomat Training Class are Burkina Faso diplomats. They said that Longrich enjoys a high reputation in the African market. The products are deeply loved by the African people and hope to continue to expand the basis of cooperation and promote the two places that are developing together.

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